DaniCB’s diary

Hey, welcome to my blog : ), I usually post drawings, hope you'll like them. (I'm mexican, so forgive me if my english isn't the best : ( )

Sudo Daily Draw || Everyday Carry

I think this is the most common thing that everyone carry everyday. For me personally it's important to not suffer of boredom, I remember one day I went to the hospital before school and the queue for the consult was a little large, so I s…


Wow I'ts been 5 years since sudomemo started working, honestly, i'm very grateful, Flipnote Hatena was literally my childhood, I remember all the crazy stuff that happened there, Personally I miss so much the Memes, like Caramelldansen and…

No entry for today sorry hehe

Finally after 10 days of streak uploading entries for the daily draw I lost it. Geez, however I think it was worth, my art is a little bit better, I can notice it.And today I focused on a very special drawing that I'm working on, I will po…

Sudo Daily Draw || Ice castle

Hi, Dani here with another entry. For today's topic I drew one ice castle inside a magical done that preserve the cold inside (it's kinda funny cause this idea came to my mind for a drawing mistake), as you can see there are trees, flowers…

Sudo Daily Draw || High noon at the O.K corral

In today's topic I focused on a pretty interesting friendship, the friendship of Wyatt Earp and Doc Hollyday, they were completely the opposite, Wyatt was a marshal (a kind of lawman) while Doc was a bandit, despite these facts they had on…

Sudo Daily Draw || Autocorrect in real life

Hey, Dani here with another entry, I enjoyed drawing this "comic", by far one of the funniest and most satisfactory things to draw, I really loved this topic. Hehe, I hope you enjoyed this entry and see ya tomorrow with another one!~DaniBt…

Sudo Daily Draw || Log Cabin

I'm such a noob when it comes to drawing structures, so I drew this sketch as a practice, and I liked it actually, so here it is.~Dani

Sudo Daily Draw || Icicle swordfight

Don't ask, just enjoy. Nah, send help. The heat is affecting me xD Who's going to win? ~Dani

Sudo Daily Draw || Snow Skating

Technically I finished this before the deadline, but I submit it now cause I was watching the lunar eclipse :0 I'd love trying snow skating ajdisehlakd ~Dani

This is how I imagined one Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goon, He is attaching to himself some snowballs to become more powerful and even taller!~Dani

Sudo Daily Draw || Fishmonger

Just a Fishmonger enjoying his work : ) I'm very happy with today's drawing, it was fun. ~D@ni

Sudo Daily Draw || Pollution

I made this drawing in the morning, it's just a sketch, I've been thinking on digitalize them or ink them but that is time consuming, and I must work, so... Yeh, here it is. I will try to do the daily draw for one month straight, I'm sure …

Sudo Daily Draw || Ballet

This topic was a good practice for practicing poses. Generally I struggle doing dynamic poses, but this really helped me out : ) (As this drawing is more about the pose, I didn't care too much about the hands, surely you noticed it xD)


Please watch it, it took me too much hours, if you find it at sudomemo please add stars and comment, it would be a massive help :' )

Sudo Daily Draw || Static electricity

Hey! Dani here with another submission for the Daily draw, hope you like it

Sudo Daily Draw || Rubber Duck

Did you know that Rubber Ducks have several sculptures around the world? These are designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.In this drawing I drew my o.c posing for the camera near one Rubber Duck's sculpture.PD: I was bored at work and …

Sudo Daily Draw || MMXVIII (2018)

This year was special, because I bought my first Wacom, finally, digital art at last!! Oh man, feels great XDHowever, I did a lot of funny stuff!, I managed to improve my art, I helped translating(and fixing) Sudomemo to Spanish, I became …

(unfinished lol) Sudo Daily Draw || Aurora

jeez... I wont finish this before the deadline. I even took a photo of google for the background. Icy, the victory Is Yours!! xD

Sudo Daily Draw || Sad Farewell

Farewells arent always happy, but sometimes are necessary, furthermore, one of the worst farewells are when you know you wont see a person ever more. Life is as fraggil as a butterfly, we dont know when we are going to disappear, so enjoy …

Sudo Daily Draw || Gingerbread House

Mr. RichGingerbreadMan has built his house on the field, look at his face, hes so happy! He prefer spend all of his money on a fancy pool instead of a well decorated house, which doesnt make any sense, because if he enter to swim... Well..…


I just found this course (super expensive btw XD okno) and i didnt resisted the temptation!! Man 94% off for an amazing quality course, what a deal... I'm super excited about this, hopefully i will be a better artist, so stay tuned if u wa…

Practicing on digital!!

Well, I bought my Wacom tablet some months ago (10 months or so) but I never liked it because i was so uncomfortable with it, but I saw a video explaining some pretty useful tools of SAI and I realized that I was drawing inefficiently, so …

Sudo Daily Draw || Smash Bros Ultimate

I made this so messy and awful because i almost ran out of time haha Kirby is just Overpowered!!!

Sudo Daily Draw || Favorite Snack

A little messy but meh. As you can see I love chocolate with my entire soul.I love everything that has chocolate, really, EVERYTHING, I love it because you can eat it in different formats and never get tired of it (at least me XD) In the b…

Sudo Daily Draw: Daily Routine

Me before school, just in time, haha

Sudo Daily Draw | Skyscrapers

Awful XD this is the first thing that came to my mind with this topic

Sudomemo Daily Draw | Vegetables