DaniCB’s diary

Hey, welcome to my blog : ), I usually post drawings, hope you'll like them. (I'm mexican, so forgive me if my english isn't the best : ( )


Wow I'ts been 5 years since sudomemo started working, honestly, i'm very grateful, Flipnote Hatena was literally my childhood, I remember all the crazy stuff that happened there, Personally I miss so much the Memes, like Caramelldansen and Shoop da whoop. When I discovered years ago that a very kind person took the time to reopen this incredible site, I became very happy. And here I am!

Thanks for all Austin and we'll make this year the year of Flipnote!




An Incredible drawing (actually no) for an Incredible achievement

I hope you like the drawing, I put a lot of effort into it : )

Pd: Ah, I just realized this is the topic for the daily draw, originally I made this drawing not for the daily draw, but yeh, I'll take advantage of the situation X )

- Dani 

No entry for today sorry hehe

Finally after 10 days of streak uploading entries for the daily draw I lost it. Geez, however I think it was worth, my art is a little bit better, I can notice it.

And today I focused on a very special drawing that I'm working on, I will post it here when finished. So thank you so much for reading this (I dunno who would want to read this lol). However, good night and sweet dreams.

~Dani uvur

Sudo Daily Draw || Ice castle

Hi, Dani here with another entry.
For today's topic I drew one ice castle inside a magical done that preserve the cold inside (it's kinda funny cause this idea came to my mind for a drawing mistake), as you can see there are trees, flowers and even birds outside!

Fun fact: I tried to shade the drawing. I failed, miserably I'd say lol.

This is the shaded one (it's a little bit blue for the ice)
This is the original one

Wow, finally more people entered to the daily draw! And they have such wonderful entries as well, I'm happy : )


Sudo Daily Draw || High noon at the O.K corral

In today's topic I focused on a pretty interesting friendship, the friendship of Wyatt Earp and Doc Hollyday, they were completely the opposite, Wyatt was a marshal (a kind of lawman) while Doc was a bandit, despite these facts they had one of the most wonderful friendship that someone could possibly have 


Sudo Daily Draw || Autocorrect in real life

Hey, Dani here with another entry, I enjoyed drawing this "comic", by far one of the funniest and most satisfactory things to draw, I really loved this topic. Hehe, I hope you enjoyed this entry and see ya tomorrow with another one!


Btw, sorry I've written autocorrector (this is the word in Spanish) IRL on the right instead of autocorrect IRL. That's why we need an autocorrect IRL! (At least when writing hehe CX )