DaniCB’s diary

Hey, welcome to my blog : ), I usually post drawings, hope you'll like them. (I'm mexican, so forgive me if my english isn't the best : ( )


Wow I'ts been 5 years since sudomemo started working, honestly, i'm very grateful, Flipnote Hatena was literally my childhood, I remember all the crazy stuff that happened there, Personally I miss so much the Memes, like Caramelldansen and Shoop da whoop. When I discovered years ago that a very kind person took the time to reopen this incredible site, I became very happy. And here I am!

Thanks for all Austin and we'll make this year the year of Flipnote!




An Incredible drawing (actually no) for an Incredible achievement

I hope you like the drawing, I put a lot of effort into it : )

Pd: Ah, I just realized this is the topic for the daily draw, originally I made this drawing not for the daily draw, but yeh, I'll take advantage of the situation X )

- Dani